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So I opened up my mailbox today and I discovered a cute care package from Steaz Cactus Water with the actual product to sample. There were three different flavors that I had to try. Original Cactus Water with Green Tea, Cactus Water with Cucumber and Green Tea, and Cactus Water with Starfruit and Green Tea. My two favs were the original cactus water and the one with starfruit! Those two were very refreshing! Sidenote – Starfruit is one of my fav fruits! The cucumber one I didn’t like as much… it was a bit strong and I prefer a more fruity flavor. Overall, I really liked them though and was excited about the health benefits which you can read about below…

Product info:  Steaz Cactus Water is a new functional and flavorful line of healthy, ready-to-drink beverages from Steaz featuringcactus water, an ingredient sourced from the juice of the prickly pear cactus. Steaz Cactus Water is the only certified organic cactus water beverage currently on the market and the only variety that combines prickly pear juice with organic green tea.

The prickly pear cactus is an ingredient that is beneficial to the whole body, with health properties including:

  • Hydrating: helps to lock in moisture (great for athletes)
  • Anti-Aging:  antioxidant and hydrating properties improves overall skin health & revitalization
  • High in Antioxidants: improved cell health
  • Anti-Inflammatory: fights free radicals that can lead to inflammation
  • Additionally, early stage research has shown that cactus water slows down the onset and spreading of cancer


Steaz is a brand of flavorful, great tasting, all natural, organic and fair trade green tea based beverages in three healthy and delicious product lines – iced green tea, energy drinks and cactus water. Since 2002, Steaz has continued to provide fans with better, high quality beverages while maintaining a strong socially responsible relationship with their ingredient partners around the world. Steaz’ pride is anchored in their Organic and Fair Trade certifications supporting sustainable farming around the world. For more information, visit

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