Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Press Day with all of your favs!


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On Friday we attended an early press screening of “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” at the AMC in Century City. Such a fun & cute movie! Definitely laughed a lot! The film isn’t out until May 20th so we got the early scoop in watching it and in talking to the actual stars of the film.

That happened yesterday morning where we were shuttled over the Wisteria Lane on the backlots of Universal Studios! How cool was it to have breakfast where the Desperate Housewives daily drama occured?! After a yummy breakfast, we sat down in a small group in front of three sets of actors. First group up were the main stars of the film:  Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, & Zac Efron. Second up was actually not a group, but the actual director of the film Nicholas Stoller. And lastly, were the trio of actresses who play the sorority girls in the film: Chloe Grace Moretz, Kiersey Clemons, & Beanie Feldstein.

Behind the scenes stories as to how they did the airbag scene, to real life bad neighbor stories, to the real piece of meat injected with baby oil that oiled down Zac Efron… these are interview answers you won’t want to miss!

Here are a few pics from press day and the interviews are below…

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Here are all three sets of interviews below with the question written out (we starred the questions that we asked!) and the actual audio from the actors as they answered it!

Interview Group #1: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, & Zac Efron

1. Zac, your characters struggle resonates with us millenials who are trying to figure out where we are at in our lives… What’s your advice to us millenials who are probably going through the same thing?

2. Rose what was it like hugging Zac?

3. For all of you guys returning for Neighbors 2, can you talk about working together as a team this time as opposed to being adversaries?

4. So you’ve kinda done the impossible when it comes to sequels and it’s actually funnier… so when you were making the film, did you feel like you were making something funnier?

5. **VARIETY LIFESTYLE QUESTION** How much leeway did you guys have as far as the actual jokes, the comedy, the vibe of it? Because a lot of it felt very natural… were you able to improv a lot with this or were you very specific with the jokes that were written?

6. Zac – Did you prepare specifically for this movie and what type of training did you do?

7. How did you do the airbag scene?

8. Rose, your character often questions her parenting… as a new parent now, what is the most relatable aspect from the film?

9. At what point did you think you could do it again? That there could be a second one and when did the idea of a sorority coming in happen?


Interview #2: Nicholas Stoller (Director)

1. Which was more challenging, staging a party for a sorority or a frat?

2. How did you approach writing for the women (when you had 5 male writers) in this film who are standing up for themselves?

3. There probably hasn’t been a sorority party movie before, so what responsibility did you feel to sort of give women their own animal house?

4. **VARIETY LIFESTYLE QUESTION** With you guys not initially knowing that sororities weren’t allowed to throw parties, how much did that change the path of the film or did it, once you found out?

5. **VARIETY LIFESTYLE QUESTION** With the gay relationship that was featured in the film, how did you feel about representing for the gay community?

6. The feminist issues in this film are very prominent… was it difficult mixing in the comical aspect and still keep it respectful?

7. Will there be a Neighbors 3?

8. In this film, one of your writing partners happens to be the star of the film. Is that a benefit to you as a director to have one of your writing partners right there with you acting it out or is it more difficult?

9. What was it like casting the girls for the sorority in this film?


Interview #3: Chloe Grace Moretz, Kiersey Clemons, & Beanie Feldstein

Full length audio file so you can hear it as it happened! 🙂

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