“Ladies Who Lift” Event Recap!


Hi guys!

Just wanted to share with you about the workout event I went to this past Saturday morning at Equinox South Bay! First of all I must start off by saying that hands down Equinox is one of the nicest gyms in LA period. The facilities are top notch and the customer service there is superb! I was running a few minutes late but was able to jump into the first of two classes that I took. The trainers there got me up to speed immediately and I went to work with a room full of awesome ladies in the strength training class. Led by Premier Protein Trainer Ambassador, Renee Max, this class was a good circuit of a variety of weight exercises. It was high energy and worked different muscle groups. The other Equinox trainers did a good job of showing us how to do each station and made sure that we were using correct form. So we knocked out that class, then walked upstairs to the basketball court.

The next class we participated in was the High Intensity Metabolic Workout. This was the class that had me waking up the next day with a sore body! Haha! My butt hurt from squats, arms & back were sore from mountain climber burpees and more! But it was a good hurt. We were split up into two groups and did three sets of four different exercises. This was a tough one but good because they taught us a lot of things that we could actually do at home without weights!

Afterwards, we took a group pic (which you can see above) and got a chance to try Premier Protein! They even gave us a swag bag and a yoga mat to take with us as we left. Overall I must say that Renee and the rest of the trainers were great! They were really encouraging and pushed us without yelling at us. They made us feel comfortable with doing what we were able to do so that we could have a productive workout. Thanks to Premier Protein and Equinox for having us at this fun event!

-Brandi Garcia

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