Jenni Rivera “Mariposa De Barrio” La Serie!


On Monday we had the beautiful opportunity to go to the red carpet premiere of Jenni Rivera “Mariposa De Barrio” with the cast & Rivera family at the Grammy Museum in Downtown LA. It was nicely done with Jenni’s videos playing as you entered with Grammys as a backdrop.

We were treated to Jenni’s own Tequila (Simplemente La Mejor Blanco) offered up in mixed drinks like “The Long Beach” and “Mariposa de Agave” which were delicious. We were then led into the screening room where we saw the first episode/chapter or “capitulo” of the series. 

Chiqui Baby was our host and introduced everyone from Long Beach officials to the President of Telemundo to the Rivera family and cast of the series. The most poignant moment came when Jenni’s brother Juan Rivera led us in prayer and also spoke of his sister. 

The show itself was very real! Very true to Jenni Rivera’s life and what happened. They took special care to present it this way and you could feel the intensity of this project. Some scenes were tough to watch but it made her story all that more powerful. The struggle she endured as a young mother, as a girl from Long Beach trying to make it, and as a victim of domestic abuse was clearly shown and felt in this episode. It drew you in and made you want to see her make it. You wanted to be in her corner as she was clearly an underdog. That’s what makes her story so special yet relatable… it’s a story of triumph over adversity. 

You can watch it for yourself as the series is airing all this week Monday thru Friday at 8pm on Telemundo. To catch up on any episodes go to www.

Here are photos from the red carpet premiere:

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