“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” Escape Room & Cast Interviews!

Hi guys!

So yesterday we had the unique opportunity to participate in the Jack Reacher Escape Room at the Escape Hotel in Hollywood. What an immersive experience that put us in the shoes of Jack Reacher himself and really got our blood pumping! We were locked in 3 cells while blindfolded and then let loose with only 1 hour to save ourselves. It was really close but we made it out with a few minutes left to go after enduring countless brain teasers, codes, puzzles and such. The key is definitely teamwork and utilizing our skillsets which is what Reacher does in the film. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is out Now on DVD, Blu-Ray, & Digital so make sure you check it out! 

 We also got the chance to sit down with two of the movies stars, Danika Yarosh and Jason Douglas!! Here are the interviews: 


Here’s a photo gallery of the escape room experience:

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