“Deadpool” Movie Review

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So I’ve been wanting to see Deadpool and see what all the fuss is about… So I finally checked it out tonight and loved it!!! So hilarious! Ugh I am so sad I didn’t see it when it came out around Valentines Day because it would’ve been perfect! Had all the extreme snarkiness, sass, and political incorrectness you could want out of a movie! Ryan Reynolds nailed this role and they casted well for the female role as well! Nice to see a brunette cast as the lead instead of the typical blonde… Deadpool is a very relatable character that’s why I feel this movie did so well.  Now one thing I will say though is if you have a weak stomach this may not be the film for you as there was a lot of extreme violence. I have a strong stomach and at certain parts I cringed… The soundtrack was fun!  Lots of good records.  Loved the fact that this movie says a lot of stuff you always want to say but can’t really say out loud… From the opening credits (which were spot on) to the very end. Oh and very important to stay til after the last credits roll… A lil tasty bit at the end! I give it two thumbs up! My type of humor. ????⚔

-Brandi Garcia

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