Cool Choice Personalized Nutritional Supplements *Review*

Hi guys!

Back at it again with another product review… This time it’s “Cool Choice” Personalized Nutritional Supplements! Was interested in trying this out because you get to design your own supplement!

There are many to choose from including anti-aging, beauty, brain care, digestive care, energy, eye care, heart care, immune care, joint care, liver care, lung care, men’s vitality, sleep support and stress relief. Obviously everyone has their own priorities so it was nice to be able to choose.

We ended up going with energy, immune care, and stress relief. All three things are important for an on-the-go lifestyle!

Just got ours in the mail and went to try it out. Really simple concept… just pour into a 4 oz. cup of water or your favorite beverage. Tried the water first and did not like the taste so we mixed it with pink lemonade the second time. Much better on the second try lol! Anyways, we also researched the ingredients as well just to be on the safe side and they all checked out as very natural and healthy ingredients for the body! Not the best taste but definitely all natural and very cool that you can choose your own areas to improve your health!

Try it out for yourself at!

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