Classic songs at a Latino Wedding!

Songs that always play at every Latino wedding

With the upcoming release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on March 25, we started thinking about family, traditions and wedding! Weddings are always fun and sentimental, but nonetheless a PARTY!! And speaking of PARTY, you know us Latinos love to get down on the dance floor. Whether it’s salsa, merengue, cumbia or a little bachata, we’re all about that life! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of songs that must be played at every Latino wedding courtesy of our friends at H + M Communications.

  1. Marc Anthony – Tu Amor Me Hace Bien
  2. Elvis Crespo – Suavemente
  3. Celia Cruz – Carnaval
  4. Vicente Fernandez – El Rey
  5. La Sonora Dinamita – Que nadie sepa mi sufrir
  6. Los del Rio – Macarena
  7. Fruco – El Preso
  8. Daddy Yankee – Gasolina
  9. Selena – Como La Flor
  10. El General – Muevelo Muevelo

Here’s the trailer for “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”!

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