“Allegiant” Movie Review


Let’s talk about the new YA movie #Allegiant! We went to see it last night in our official t-shirt (thx movie promo squad) at the AMC at Universal Studios Citywalk. We were very apprehensive since the film received terrible reviews and it was the worst book in the series (yes we read all three). Must go against the critics and say we actually really liked it!! We were pleasantly surprised and honestly think that they should just end it here on a up-note. They should have never split the last book into two films. At least the costuming was great and the special effects were decent (except for the goo when they took a shower lol). The acting wasn’t the best of course but then again we never really liked the casting for these films all the way. At least Theo James provided good eye candy as “Four” lol! If you are a fan of these futuristic dystopian movies then you should like this one. We’ll give it one thumb up. ?? IMG_6181

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